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Greetings! Fiolli, at your service. If you need help with something relating to the Michigan Wiki, feel free to leave me a message on my talk page. I will gladly help as best as possible. If you are new to the wiki, refer to the welcome for a good idea of things to do. Have a wonderful day!
A little bit about Fiolli

Fiolli, the person

"I am not perfect, but I believe in always trying to do the right thing."
―Aban Fiolli[src]

My real-world biography is simple: I am proud to believe in Jesus the Messiah; I love my family very much; I am a professional musician and writer who, at present, works at a major University; I enjoy Star Wars; and, I hope that this wiki will one day become a great repository of Michigan information to share the Great Lakes State with the world.

I caution anyone, however, I have a strong distaste for bad grammar and structure. I am definitely not perfect, but please make an effort to do it correctly. Mistakes happen, but if effort is given, I am more than happy to forgive it.

I have been a long-standing member of Wookieepedia, and I do contribute there relatively often. I also periodically contribute around Wikia on various wikis, but this is not with great regularity. For more information, feel free to see my user page on the Star Wars wiki.


Broad-scale projects:

  • Citation templates for various common civic citations such as the FactFinder.

Continuous Projects:

Futile "To-Do" list:

I will always continue to browse articles and look for things that can be fixed grammatically or adding links, sources, etc. in order to improve the quality of the wiki. If I change or alter something you wrote, please do not take offense. Changes such as this are not personal. I just want to make the site better for everyone.

Other remarks

"Even if all you can do is smile at someone, you have made the universe a better place. That is what we all should seek to do; make the universe better in the small ways."
―Nava Aras[src]

Feel free to leave a message on my talk page if you need to reach me. I can also be reached periodically on the IRC sites ##Michigan-project and #wookieepedia.

May all who pass by here be blessed with peace.

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Star Wars, watching NCIS, writing music, working on Wikia

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