Geographical information
Demographic information
Government structure
Other information

Color modifiers

  • c1
  • c2
  • c3
  • imageBG
  • userboxBG

Display parameters

  • image – Inserts an image.
  • name – Name of the community
  • hideg – Hides geographic information
  • county – Full county name
  • state – Full state name
  • country – Full country name
  • land_area – Land area in square miles
  • water_area – Water area in square miles
  • elevation – Elevation in feet
  • hided – Hides demographic information
  • pop-2000 – Population according to the 2000 census
  • pop-density – Population density in 2000
  • pop-est – Population estimate if available (provide year)
  • hides – Hides structural information
  • community-type – Type of community
  • government – Government type
  • officials – Elected government personnel
  • founded – Year founded or established
  • incorporated – Year incorporated as charter township
  • hideo – Hides other miscellaneous information
  • timezone – Time zone
  • zipcode – Zip code(s)
  • areacode – Area code(s)
  • fips – FIPS code
  • gnis – GNIS number
  • web – Official community website.


To use this template, paste the following code into the top of the article you are working on, filling all relevant fields:



  1. All the data fields are collapsible, so do not worry about leaving any of them empty.
  2. The four variables (hideg, hided, hides, and hideo) correspond to the four sub-headings (Geographic information, Demographic information, Government information and Other information). If you wish to hide one of them, all you must do is append a brief statement to the template code. For instance:

Removes the "Geographic information" heading:

Demographic information
Government structure
Other information
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