Charter Township of Oscoda
Geographical information

Iosco County




United States

Land area

131.1 square miles

Water area

9.4 square mile



Demographic information
Population (2000)


Population density

59.5/sq. mile

Government structure
Community type

Charter township


Charter township board

Elected officials
  • Township board:[1]
    • Richard Binkowski
    • Jim Baier
    • Matthew Hinckley
    • Robert W. Huebel III (Supervisor)
    • Jaimie McGuire (Treasurer)
    • Alan Strickland (Clerk)
    • Larry Zucal
Other information
Time zone


ZIP Code(s)
  • 48750 (Oscoda)
  • 48730 (East Tawas)
  • 48737 (Hale)
  • 48738 (Greenbush)
  • 48739 (Glennie)
  • 48745 (Mikado)
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Charter Township of Oscoda is a charter township in northern Iosco County, Michigan along the shoreline of Lake Huron. It is bound to the east by the lake, to the north by the Alcona County, to the south by Au Sable Charter Township and Wilber Township, and to the southwest by Plainfield Township.[3] The township is located about fifteen miles north-northeast of East Tawas and contains the unincorporated census-designated place of Oscoda.[3] The population was 7,248 during the 2000 census.[4]

According to the United States Census Bureau, Oscoda Charter Township has a total area of 131.1 square miles, of which 9.4 square miles is water. The community primarily uses ZIP code 48750[5]—assigned to Oscoda.[6] Small portions of the township, however, use a variety of ZIP codes including 48730[7]—assigned to East Tawas,[6] 48737[8]—assigned to Hale,[6] 48738[9]—assigned to Greenbush,[6] 48739[10]—assigned to Glennie,[6] and 48745[11]—assigned to Mikado.[6] The township has the FIPS code 26-61340.[4]


The township is comprised of primarily rural wooded forests, with a concentration of development along the Lake Huron shoreline, corresponding with the community of Oscoda. Near this community is also the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base, which has been closed since 1993. The Au Sable River flows from west to east along the length of the county, emptying into Lake Huron just south of Oscoda. The river features four dams within the township which are operated by Consumers Energy. These dams have created large lakes along the river valley. Over eighty percent of the township land is public use-oriented. 76.8% of the township land is part of the Huron National Forest, 4.7% is part of the Au Sable State Forest and about four percent is owned by Consumers Energy, but dedicated to public use for recreation. Fishing, kayaking, canoeing, boating and swimming are all popular along the river and lakes.[1]

The western inland portion of the township can be reached via M-65, which runs approximately southwest to northeast through the western tier of the township. It connects southward to Hale, Whittemore, and Bay City via U.S. Highway 23. U.S. 23 also enters township, serving as the primary thoroughfare for the community of Oscoda, connecting it to Tawas CityEast Tawas and Alpena. River Road, an east-west artery roughly parallels the Au Sable River between M-65 and U.S. 23.[1]

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