Can't think of anything to do on the Michigan Wiki? Perhaps you are looking for some suggestions to get started? Here are some ideas.

Source an unsourced articleEdit

Some of our articles do not have the proper sourcing or citations. Since anyone can create an article on the Michigan Wiki, sources are important to distinguish between truth and fiction. You can find articles in need of sourcing here.

Create redlink articlesEdit

Many articles reference topics that have not been added to the Michigan Wiki yet, creating redlinks. Since this wiki is in its infancy, some articles reference many such topics; these articles are less useful to those seeking information, because much of the related topics they seek is unavailable. It is helpful to create new articles to fill in the gaps of these articles with an excess of redlinks; you can find such articles here. Don't forget to remove the redlink tag from the original article once the majority of the links have been filled in.

Create a wanted pageEdit

Some topics are referenced by a great many pages, but have not had an article created about it. You can find a list of these heavily-referenced topics, sorted by the number of references each has here.

Expand a stubEdit

Some articles are merely placeholders, waiting for an eager Wikian like yourself to come along and expand upon them. You can find a list of these "stubs" here.

Categorize a pageEdit

Categories assist in easy navigation by grouping similar topics together. You can find a list of articles in need of categorization here.

Correct spelling and grammarEdit

Not everyone spells correctly or has perfect grammar. In an effort to remain professional, we strive for good spelling and proper grammar.

Fix double redirectsEdit

Instead of linking directly to an article, a redirect can lead to another redirect. In these instances, the user must click on the third page in order to view the needed information. As a result, we try to eliminate double redirects. You can find a list of double redirects here.

Add imagesEdit

Articles can benefit greatly from the addition of images. To add an image to an article you must first upload the image, but be certain to include the image's source and licensing. Images without these listed are subject to deletion. Here is the list of uploaded files and here the gallery of the most recent files. Here you can find a picture tutorial that tells you how to insert and modify an image inside an article. Articles requesting images can be found here and here.

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