Michification, from the Michigan Wiki–created verb Michify, is the process of changing article to conform to an encyclopedic form with regard to Michigan. In other words, articles are encouraged to discuss a topic's relation to Michigan topics and specifically point to Michigan culture and to provide details when available.

From a Michigan point-of-viewEdit

Articles in the Michigan Wiki should be created and written from a Michigan point of view. What this means is that all locations are assumed to be Michigan locations and people assumed to be Michigan individuals unless noted otherwise. Macomb County, for example, does not need be linked as [[Macomb County, Michigan]]. Places outside of Michigan, such as Windsor, Ontario should include further naming devices.

Similarly, lists should include Michigan entities, relationships to Michigan occurrences, etc.

Relating articles to MichiganEdit

One such example is the article on the United States 2000 Census. This is a broad topic, but its relevance to Michigan is the most important aspect on this wiki. Information about the Utah controversy is not relevant to discussing the impact of the census in Michigan. Furthermore, the article in Wikipedia does not discuss how Michigan lost a seat in the United States House of Representatives due to the population change. Articles on Canada, Indiana, and the Maumee River should only discuss information relative to these item's relationship with Michigan. Once the information is discussed, provide an external link to Wikipedia for the viewer to access more information.

Expansion and detailsEdit

Information from censuses, historic elections, etc. should all be tied to Michigan and the figures from Michigan along with the direct impact upon Michigan. Details are encouraged when known. Please see our views on attribution for more information.

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