A city is one type of incorporated municipality in Michigan. Of the four types of municipal organization, cities possess home rule powers and are the most autonomous: with the responsibility of providing most all services to its residents. As of 2007, there are 274 incorporated, home rule cities in Michigan.[1]

Most cities in Michigan are incorporated under home rule charters, although there are a few that were incorporated before the Home Rule Cities Act was enacted in 1909, and continue to operate under an older city charter which was originally granted by the legislature. Under current Michigan law, however, they are automatically considered home rule cities, and can amend or revise their charters at any time.[2]

There are two types of city government provided for in the Michigan Constitution: Cities can choose to be governed under the mayor-council form of government, which also includes the city commission form of government as a variant, or a council-manager form of government.

Notes and referencesEdit

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